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In the year 1890 a Cuban named Evaristo Collazo wrote a letter to the Mission Board of the Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee telling them he had initiated worship centers in different places in Cuba, following the order of the Presbyterian Church.  He requested that a missionary be sent.

A short time later the Board sent the Rev. Anthony Graybill who was living in México and who spoke Spanish. During the month of June of 1890 Graybill visited the preaching centers established by Collazo. 


He organized the First Presbyterian Church of Havana on June 26, 1890.

Some years later due to the Independence War in Cuba against Spain and the participation of Rev. Collazo as a nurse in the Cuban army, the Presbyterian Church in Cuba was closed.  It was reopened in 1900 during the Spanish American War.

The Sanctuary of the First Presbyterian Church in Havana was constructed in the year 1906 as an initiative of the pastor, Dr. Joseph Milton Greene.  It was the first Protestant Sanctuary built in the city.  This year marks its centennial.